Unfamiliar Sounds

Today my voice spoke before I got done getting ready. It spoke before I was bold enough to open my mouth. It spoke before the brave I was feeling for deep down in my pockets surfaced and was visible in my shaking hands. Today my voice spoke.

It was an unusual occurrence. I’ve never heard it so audibly before. I’ve always heard it through muffled whispers. I’ve always seen it hide. As a matter of fact, I have heard it speak, but only it was thrown into tear filled pillows and palms. It was heard behind closed doors recounting the times it had arrived just a little too late.

I have heard it speak. But it hadn’t been like the one I heard today. All the times I’ve heard it speak, it’s words were lined with betrayal. Yes, that’s what I remember it to be. My voice that often betrayed me. My voice that, when I had walked through the doors of bravery, stood in the back, hid between my legs, shuddered in the corners of rooms and left me hanging by the threads of sympathy in the eyes of the listening ears.

Today my voice was a new sound. An unfamiliar but rather soothing tone. My voice was bold. My voice was truthful. My voice spoke in all honesty. My voice was not afraid. My voice was strong.

My voice had left me. It believed the truth for me that I was courageous, that I was confident, that perfect love casted out fear. My voice trusted more than my quaking body would. My voice walked into difficult conversation and stood strong. It stood tall. Shoulders back, chest out, chin up, eye to eye, then departed unscathed.


My voice has found its victory. My voice has received that I am King. My voice is finally no longer mine.

Fleeting timidity, seized by the intrepid sovereignty.


Rae Sonson,
May 24, 2016,


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