It’s Not What It Looks Like


Last summer I dug this hole. My grandmother had a small coy pond that my uncles touched and ruined. She decided she wanted a wider deeper pond with some dimension, dig into the sides and give it some kind of level, she said.

I dug for hours in the hot summer sun. I hit a few concrete blocks, concrete? Oh yeah, she had had a bathroom built in the basement and the concrete and bricks from the floor she had them discard, yep, you guessed it, she had them throw them into the hole in the backyard, her coy pond. Then as soon as they went down she wanted her pond back.

Will you dig my pond for me? I really want it, I’ll make it bigger and add fish.

Who wants a sad grandma? No one. Soooo out into the thick of it I went. Grill fired up, music playing, pool filling up, kids harassing me to help me dig, I dug and dug and dug.

I finally finished it. Got it just how she wanted it. If you could have seen the smile on her face. I was pleased with my accomplishment. Grandma was happy.

Now to seal it and add all the fancy stuff. Hold on, let me take another picture for you…


You see how fancy it is. All bushy with the slabs of stone for its circumference haphazardly placed, yep. Fall came. Winter came. Spring came. It’s summer again.

You going do my coy pond for mi?

With a smile and what seems to be sparkles in her hazel brown eyes. Guess who’s outside in the hot summer sun clearing out a coy pond for her grandmother, again?

I’m going to get her in a little while and we are going to go to the hardware store (one of my favourite things to do, I’m a weirdo I know) and get all the things I’ll need to slab and seal it then maybe, just maybe I’ll also try to figure out the water system that goes into it.

My hard work sat through seasons before finally coming to realization. Seasons before it finally made it to its true purpose. Seasons before it finally gets utilized. Seasons before it stopped being an eyesore and possible death trap in the backyard. Seasons.

I’m sure there are some things in our lives we’ve adjusted. Some things we’ve given up. Jobs we’ve quit. Schooling we’ve deferred. Friends we’ve dropped. Phone calls we’ve stopped taking. Places we’ve stopped going. But, it seems like we haven’t made any progress. Feels like all we have is a hole in the backyard filled with bush and debris from all the seasons that went by.


The preparations you’ve made are not in vain. The right moves you’ve made in the right directions are never in vain. The seasons must come and they must be endured. You have to face the discomfort for a little while. You have to face the uncertainty for a little while. All the while knowing that seasons change and the things you did prepared you for now.

I have enough confidence now to take on constructing a coy pond alone. I also have enough muscles now, lol.

You didn’t do it in vain. Some things needed to be realized first. Some stages need to be passed. Some ceilings needed to be broken. You needed to grow in confidence. God needed you to have a little more confidence in his abilities and in his good thoughts towards you and his perfect plans regarding you.

We needed a little more time to be who we are now to finally see these things through to the finish. Courageously. Confidently.

Rae Sonson,
June 23, 2016,
13:18 p.m.


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