A Little Low

I was a little low and without prior knowledge of my situation the man of God went up and spoke to my very specific situation.

I was low. I was going lower it seemed. Just last night/very early this morning I was sitting in bed talking to God about the condition of my heart. It was heavy, it was hurt, it was growing a little angry and very weary. It was tired.

It kept getting harder and harder to pray but I kept trying. My mind wouldn’t focus and my mind wouldn’t listen. It’s almost like my mind was in rebellion against the very knowledge of God. Able. All powerful. Present. Good.

Well I received the Word today, it was a needed word. A needed reminder that God is certainly preparing me for greater. I just have to allow myself to face this process with my faith and my worship intact. Not to sway but to remain immovable and always abounding in grace and in the love of God. Operating in the love of God.

I didn’t want to get up and go to church today. However, I spoke to God, I spoke to Him and ended up up during the night and into the morning grooming my hair and getting myself ready for worship today. I wanted to leave when I got here. I guess my natural self sensed the moving, I guess it sensed the shifting that would occur. I am lifted.

I am refreshed. My situations haven’t yet changed as far as I can see from where I am, physically, this minute, but I am changed. I know what I MUST do. I know what I CANNOT afford not to do.

I must linger in God’s presence, I cannot afford to lessen my time with him. I have to stay a little longer as the pressures increase. I have to, in my desperation take a hold of Him. Stay with Him. Let Him uplift me and renew me and prepare me for His greater.

I am no longer low.

Two things happened between lastnight and this moment.

1. He showed me a flaw in my character that had I not been low, I wouldn’t have taken notice of.

2. I was hugged by a woman I do not know and told “…the Joy of the Lord is your strength, don’t allow anything else inside your mind, fill your mind with scripture that remind you of his Joy…”

I am no longer low. I am free to worship. In His presence I regained joy.

I am free from me and free from them. I am simply free.


Rae Sonson,
June 26, 2016,
12:57 p.m.


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