Excerpt: “Party On” by beautybeyondbones.com

The bible tells us that the things we face are not unique to us but others around the world are also fighting and as seen in her post, they too are being restored and given peace as they walk into their victories. Thank you for this well needed word beautybeyondbones.com. Thank You!

Peace with my past.

Because that is the final step in the road to full and total recovery: when I can go back and not let the pain and shadows from my past dictate how I feel or where I go or who I talk to.

When I am at peace with the fact that, yes – I did go through those dark periods of time in my life, but they do not definewho I am or what I am worth or what I can be.

It was a defining moment that no longer defines me. 


Party On – http://wp.me/p5Mhr6-30V


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