Your love exposes me.

Naked. Nude. Uncovered. Wide open. It testifies to truths I hid.
I’m not perfect. I don’t have it all together. I don’t know everything. I have failed and I have judged and I have harshly criticized.

Your love reveals.
It tells me it’s okay to be the me You’ve written. The one I’ve often left standing by the way. She’s too unpopular. She doesn’t fit the molds they’ve made for me to smile in. I cannot make their sin happy if I leave mine to follow You. She doesn’t fit in here. Ostracized.

Your love covers.
I’ve often hated the stories my mind envisions and the tales my heart tells. I have mostly hated my words as they depart my lips. I have mostly hated me. I have hated lacking You.

Your love enfolds me.
I have no excuse to be anything less than the example You layed. Without sin. Kind. Loving. Patient. Full of goodness. Faithfulness. Joy. Peace. Gentleness. I have no excuse for befriending a lack of self control. My life should reflect You even though Your love pardons. Your love is not my excuse to falter. Incessantly. There must be a change. In me.

Your love completes me.
I spent years longing for love from so many places. Hours, days, weeks even months dreaming of better tomorrows and reliving broken yesterdays. But Your love completes me.

Your love was paid in FULL.

Your love is my freedom.

Your love is who You are.

Your love is who I am.

I am Love. Therefore I love.


Rae Sonson,

September 1, 2016,

21:24 p.m.


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