My Dorothy Has Gone Home…

…and I already miss her immensely. 

It seems it’s often in moments of loss that we remember or recognize the abundance in our days. 

She loved me for no reason I believe. Well, God loves me completely so He loved me through her and boy did she let Him use her. 

Everything He poured into her I could tell she poured out. She lived how I want to go home. Empty. Pouring out everything a loving God pours into me into everyone He puts in my paths.

“Pick one thing and do it well.” That’s the short version of her well needed counsel on not allowing myself to be pushed in many directions because I’m good at things. Being defined by people and waking up years later regretful. Decide on one thing, just one and give it my best, do it well. 

I miss my Dorothy but I haven’t lost because her work is finished and I’ve gained all she has shared and will apply it. 

I miss my Dorothy but we’ll meet again on the day of eternal praises. I’m excited to worship next to you.

Love you Dorothy Estelle. See you when my chariot comes 😉
Rae Sonson,

September 27, 2016,

19:12 p.m.


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