And My Cup Runs Over

When God provides, He does it ever so lavishly. 

I prayed for family. Not that I wasn’t born to any but more that I needed one. What does that mean?

Yeaaaah we’re related and Yeaaaah they’ve seen me cry but the ones that actually share those tears are not around. The ones that reach my heart and mind are too far to comfort but so much. So I prayed for family.

More so, I prayed for Godly family. Loving family. Family that cares to call when I don’t show up. Family that sees where I’m going and releases me from the chains of my past. Family that speaks life over me. Family that loves. Family that lives loved. Shows love. Family that corrects in love. Family how family should be. Safe. 

I got a family alright! Dem people just love mi! They’ve accepted me into a community I have never felt I ever deserved. I’ve never felt worth it. 

They hug fear and doubt away. They smile peace in my direction. 

I am forever grateful for this family of people. All quite odd in their own regards but so perfect just the way they are. From the brutally honest to the overly emotional. I love them all. 

God had blessed me beyond the scope of my imagination. I couldn’t have asked for this. I wouldn’t have had the words or knew the thoughts to piece together to requisition such a perfect gift. So I am just eternally grateful. 

I am now working on not regretting that my blood doesn’t always look like them. But  to instead keep rejoicing that God does all things well. 

He will teach and show us and use us to love His way. Purely and without condition. 

I know it!

My God’s a Lavisher. 

Rae Sonson, 

September 30, 2016,

11:26 p.m.


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