Tiny Letter #1

Never let things you want cause you to forget the things you have.

I need you to get out of tomorrows plans and be hopeful for today. Grateful. 

DON’T be saddened by the tomorrow you can not yet see physically, but be a good steward over the things you have today. Make them beautiful. 

Let today be your most hope filled day. Be hope FULL. Believe in what’s around the bend by remaining hopefully engaged in treasuring the special things of today and working joyfully at the future.

Have faith in action. Have faith enough to be still. Have faith that lasts and doesn’t run out on the darkest of days/seasons. On the beautiful days see the sunshine but on those stormy days live expecting that rainbow. 

Don’t ever lose hope. It is a necessary ingredient to your faith.



November 6, 2016,

1:34 a.m.