Just So You Know #1 &Tiny Letter #2

I realize I have had a lot to say about my mother on here. Not in an attempt to paint her evil but rather, to free myself by facing what I have either never said out loud or realized I was feeling until I saw myself write it.

To God be the glory I have been healed and I have been able to forgive completely. Daily.


Tiny Letter #2

I need you to forgive again. Every time you remember, forgive again.

Don’t allow your heart to ever forget to let heavy things go.

It may hurt to keep being hopeful but on the other side of hope is a realized future, keep hoping, keep believing.

God cannot lie, so do not ever believe the lie that your trust is misplaced.

Hope in God.

Grow in God.

Believe God.

Be as gracious to those around you as God has been to you; even the ones who hurt you over and over again and yourself.

You received grace, so give grace, live graciously.

Stay progressive, do not ever stop moving.

Every step you make with God is progress.

So keep walking.

Don’t stress because He hasn’t allowed you to see whats ahead. Simply trust Him.

He’s pretty good at being God.




March 13, 2017,

18:16 p.m.




2 thoughts on “Just So You Know #1 &Tiny Letter #2

  1. Andrea Stephenson says:

    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Since 2016, I’ve had to confront and come to terms with the truth that suffering is a part of our spiritual journey…still trying to call it all joy and to rejoice in my weakness…but I’m not fully there yet 😀….as a part of my sanctification and growth, He’s stripping me of me so that my roots grow deeper in Him…My love for Him is stronger…scales are falling from my eyes and I’m seeing His love for me…I’m in awe of His mercy and grace…I’m learning not to put my hope in people esp. my darling son Nick instead I’m learning that I must hope fully in Him, in His plan, in His timing and in His way…He’s kept you Race even in your darkness and despair…keep praying for your mom and forgive her!

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